Where to get support

Lots of people will offer to “help” and I believe the key is to listen to it all, and discard the stuff that doesn’t sit right with you.  Not everything works for everyone, and every breastfeeding journey is different.  You’ll probably find that things will be different with each baby you have.  Breastfeeding is a personal thing and doesn’t have a set of rules that make it work.  So, when looking for information, choose what feels right and ignore the rest.  That might mean that you contact several organisations or people before you find one that works well for you 🙂  Find the person who listens to you and helps you to explore your options, offering access to information that is right for your needs.

There is good information on the websites listed on the links list on the front page and I am always available on email me at bfc.denise@gmail.com.  Of course, if you are ever concerned about your baby’s health always seek medical advice.

If you live in the Dunedin area, you will find some other places to contact here:  Where to get help May 2013


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